How do self-organized initiatives work? What makes them successful: the result or the pleasure of doing? 

Since 2007 Artova has been working as an incubator for self-organized initiatives and helping volunteers bring their visions to action. To document these activities Artova has created the ArtovaModel, in which the main elements of self-organised initiatives have been identified and analyzed. This model describes how volunteers have been bringing their ideas to life while enjoying the procedure!

The model is based on six Artova projects with different themes that have been tracked over during last 1-4 years. Together with these six projects we have created a self-reflection tool for similar initiatives to use in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses or change exhaustion and bitterness to pleasure.

The ArtovaModel is a first attempt to document and share practices and it is by no means complete! However, we hope to spark off conversation and the analysis will be continued further by sharing experiences of other self-organized initiatives around the globe!

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