Arabia Street Festival, ladies and gentlemen!

Posted on February 29, 2012 at 23:35, by pigasus

First there was recycling, then street art. The event grew, more people joined the preparations and the name changed each year. You get a hearty portion of festival history in the first production meeting of the district association Artova. Janne Kareinen, the chairperson of Artova board of directors, and co-ordinator Saara Vanhala kept interrupting each other. As a newcomer, it’s difficult to grasp the big picture but enthusiasm is contagious: we’re making something cool happen.


Fortunately, the aim is not to replicate the festival exactly as it has been before. This time, we’re building something bigger and more ambitious. We have hired a producer, Taneli Kainulainen, and the World Design Capital initiative acts as a big brother. The atmosphere of reinventing the festival shows through, we started the festival production from the very basics, coming up with a name for the event. The name inherited from previous years was Big Recycling Event / Big Street Art Event, and it was too long and bulky. We needed something snappier.

When the concept is basically a street festival in Arabianranta, spiced with recycling and culture, the name Arabia Street Festival started to appeal to us more and more. Too simple? Maybe, but it sums up the essentials and, unlike its predecessors, it states explicitly where the party will be. So. The name is settled. Next items on the menu: booking artists and festival programme, permits, websites and sponsors. And then we’re done!





Translation by Pigasus Translations.