Something is going on?

Posted on July 1, 2013 at 15:56, by Design-koirapuisto

I decided in May to ask our contact person – who has been managing the ‘design dog park’ on the behalf of the Helsinki city construction department – three core questions:

- has the area plan been approved?

- when is the construction aimed to begin?

- are there any estimations on when the project would be completed?


I got the following reply ”After the area plan has become final [ i.e. it has the required legal approval ], the case will be managed by the general board of treatment. The construction work could begin over the summer and the project should be completed this year”.

In the same dialogue he also confirmed that no changes has been made to the plans [ which we have been contributed to ].


So what should one think of all this?

At least we should be thankful for getting a fast and unambiguous reply. However, regarding the area plan approval progress, I wouldn’t be as hopeful. At this writing, July of 2013, no news has come to my attention, which would have confirmed that the ‘design dog park’ case would have done a significant progress, if any. My personal estimation is that the area plan, which has been lacking approval for several years, will be legally final by the end of 2013, and, the construction work will begin around spring of 2014.


We will keep on following moderately how well the city officials are able to work on the project, which seems to have been stuck rather badly in the cogwheel of red tape.

This said, the only thing we can do at this point is to ask again and again, until we finally can report of having succeeded, thus having been confirmed that the construction will begin.