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Artova Film Festival

Posted on January 29, 2011 at 22:54, by pigasus

Artova Film Festival (AFF) saw the light of day in the early spring last year. Yours truly and Janne Kareinen were having a small meeting about completely other matters and started to talk about the considerable number and good quality of student works done in the film schools of the area. One idea led to another, and the conversation gained more and more meaning, determination and ideas that begun to shape up practically by themselves. Read more

The first meeting of Spirit of Artova directorial group

Posted on June 20, 2011 at 22:02, by pigasus

Below you can find a memo concerning the first meeting of Spirit of Artova directorial group on the 20th of June 2011. All consecutive memos related to similar meetings will be published un-edited in the blog and may sometimes seem a bit cryptic, but we hope that they demonstrate aptly the administration process of the whole initiative. The directorial group consists of Taina Mikkola (chairperson), Kati Pelkonen and Miikko Oikkonen.

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Spirit of Artova launch

Posted on July 20, 2011 at 22:16, by pigasus

This is the website for all the future twists and turns of the Spirit of Artova projects. Updating will start properly in August. The idea is to publish everything that goes on in the projects as accurately and transparently as possible.

Edible Arabianranta has proceeded with leaps, and there are already 20 urban growers tending their cultivations in Aalto City Garden at the junction of Muotoilijankatu and Arabiankatu. Go and have a look!

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WDC Helsinki Open Doors Weekend in Arabianranta 3. – 5.2.2012. Welcome!

Posted on January 28, 2012 at 22:22, by pigasus

The WDC initiatives of the Arabianranta area are revealed. World Design Capital 2012 takes over Helsinki and there’s a lot to see in Arabianranta. Below you’ll find all the events of the area. Welcome!

You have to sign up for some of the events. Instructions and more detailed descriptions of events will be updated in the comment section during the weekend.

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Co-ordinator’s first appearance

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 20:24, by pigasus

Hi! My name is Minna Reinilä, and at the turn of the year I started my work trial at culture and resident house Kääntöpaikka, where I run the everyday functions and take care of PR, and at Spirit of Artova, where I’m a co-ordinator. I’m sure I’ll find out in the near future what all that means. At this point, it would seem that I’ll participate in co-ordinating Arabianranta Street Festival and join the media relations team of AFF. Writing is a dear hobby of mine, and I’m very interested in sharing in this blog how I experience working in this kind of environment.

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Finnish Cultural Foundation Grant for Spirit of Artova

Posted on February 28, 2012 at 22:26, by pigasus

The Finnish Cultural Foundation has awarded Spirit of Artova a 20 000 euro grant from the E. J. Längman Fund.

Arabianranta-Toukola-Vanhakaupunki District Association couldn’t be more pleased for this consideration.  You can view a list of all the grants awarded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation here (in Finnish).


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The great impacts of small things

Posted on June 20, 2012 at 22:27, by pigasus

Where did the time disappear? My work trial is about to end and I can’t help but feel blue. This turned out more or less like we had anticipated: six months is enough to just get to know the people and the Artova initiatives, and then it’s suddenly time to go. It has been particularly nice to be here doing the work trial because co-ordinating the Spirit of Artova has been my day job instead of something that one would have to do in addition to a full-time job and taking care of one’s family. Furthermore, as I haven’t been here as a hired employee or an intern, I’ve been allowed to take it easy: I’ve had time to stop and listen to others, time to help the Kääntöpaikka visitors with little things, time to have conversations with Artova actives about the spirit of the times. Time to ponder whether urban agriculture is something to be pottered about by hipsters or could it have a greater significance in building a better world…

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Avanto Helsinki to analyse Spirit of Artova

Posted on January 9, 2013 at 22:01, by pigasus

What are the ingredients of good co-operation? What are the factors that aid or hinder successful self-directive and spontaneous operation? These are the questions Avanto Helsinki strives to answer by analysing how Spirit of Artova projects and events were organised. Avanto Helsinki is giving a hand in visualising the operation model of Artova and making the experiences of participants easy to approach.

Avanto Helsinki is a research workshop founded in 2012. Avanto Helsinki is for a more open and creative society and strives to create unexpected connections between people and ideas. “Spirit of Artova is a brilliant example of a new and inspiring way to create an urban community. We are very excited to be able to participate in the analysis of lessons learned in Artova and contribute in this way to similar activities being carried out elsewhere in the society,” comments Mariko Sato of Avanto Helsinki.

For further information (in Finnish):


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