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Memo 25.1.2012

Posted on January 25, 2012 at 23:34, by pigasus

Recycling and street art


Single-family home residents to join this year
– Last year not enough visitors
– We’ll analyse what went wrong
– More media visibility


Saara contacts the following, contact info on the intranet
Recycling centre
Recycling centre for hazardous waste
The city
Housing companies
Recruitment ad for volunteers
Inform the local congregation


Minna is the contact person for
–  Schedules
– Single-family homes
– Partners


Next meeting, production meeting
– Eurocultured and the Happi youth centre by 8.2.
Recruitment ad to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences: Tytti and Katri look for a chief producer
Janne looks through the intranet
Pihla, Tarja K., Anni, Taneli, Janne, Minna, Saara, Mandi, Pirita, Kirsi, Essi – recycling
– an international name
– suggestions 8.2. 10:00–12:00
Artist list, artists who might perform in the festival
– Ale
– Laura P., Stockholm co-operation
– Timo W. & Laura P., Unknown Cargo
– Ossibussi
– Tero T.
– Haihatus
– Jyppilä street art workshop
– Notkea Rotta
– Arttu P.
– Kulttuuriluotsit

Arabia Street Festival, ladies and gentlemen!

Posted on February 29, 2012 at 23:35, by pigasus

First there was recycling, then street art. The event grew, more people joined the preparations and the name changed each year. You get a hearty portion of festival history in the first production meeting of the district association Artova. Janne Kareinen, the chairperson of Artova board of directors, and co-ordinator Saara Vanhala kept interrupting each other. As a newcomer, it’s difficult to grasp the big picture but enthusiasm is contagious: we’re making something cool happen.


Fortunately, the aim is not to replicate the festival exactly as it has been before. This time, we’re building something bigger and more ambitious. We have hired a producer, Taneli Kainulainen, and the World Design Capital initiative acts as a big brother. The atmosphere of reinventing the festival shows through, we started the festival production from the very basics, coming up with a name for the event. The name inherited from previous years was Big Recycling Event / Big Street Art Event, and it was too long and bulky. We needed something snappier.

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Who, what, when?

Posted on March 2, 2012 at 22:39, by pigasus

I’m a street festival newbie. I joined the festival organisation and volunteered to work in the publicity team: traditional tricks and social media. I got on board because of the “job description” – I hadn’t even visited the events of previous years.


And that means that you might find yourself all at sea. Fortunately, every successful project starts with a wad of questions: What? Where? To whom? And why?

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Arabia Street Festival media team vol.1

Posted on March 6, 2012 at 22:20, by pigasus

The Big Street Art Event // Large Recycling Event has gotten a new name: Arabia Street Festival. I was given a role in the organisation process, and a few weeks ago I started to familiarise myself with the event. Arabia Street Festival takes place very soon, 12.5., and I get a feeling that there is a myriad of small pieces that should somehow be worked into a sensible whole in a rather short time in order to create, and I quote our event producer Taneli, “one rocking event!” Read more

Publicity meeting 6.3.2012

Posted on March 6, 2012 at 23:41, by pigasus

Publicity 6.3.2012, 12:00–14:00


Maria H.
Kirsi A.
Minna R.
Saara V.
Taneli K.
Janne K.


Tero J. will provide the materials and possibly the animation this week
Tero provides the map
layout 400€

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Arabia Street Festival in full swing

Posted on March 8, 2012 at 22:16, by pigasus

Hi! I’m Taneli Kainulainen, the producer-in-chief of Artova Street Festival, and this is my first entry. Last year, I participated in planning the concept for the Street Art Festival and co-ordinated a street music spot in front of Kääntöpaikka.

The event production was kick-started with a planning meeting where we drafted the division of tasks and responsibilities. Everything ran smoothly because are production team consists of people who are active and clearly committed to the event. We also managed to complete a tentative schedule for the production. Read more

Hämeentie is ours!

Posted on March 10, 2012 at 22:49, by pigasus

Taneli the producer smiles broadly in our meeting. He has a good reason to, because at the moment he’s our hero. He conquered Hämeentie.


Hämeentie is a street nearby. In previous years, the street festival has sprawled on both sides of the street, and this year too we’ve made plans to place programme and show venues to the community centre Kääntöpaikka, Galleriakäytävä, Comics Centre and the yards of Toukola area single-family houses. And now, according to the most recent news, also on Hämeentie.

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Reformation of the meeting protocol

Posted on March 15, 2012 at 22:46, by pigasus

I can’t remember everyone’s names, I can see wandering eyes and hidden yawns. We run out of chairs. There are few things that motivate less than a poorly organised meeting. That’s what we had, and more than once.


I mentioned earlier how the production of a festival is shared by a large group of people. Somewhere in our co-operation fog we decided to invite absolutely everyone to our meetings, “so that everybody is up-to-date.” A mistake. If meetings swell into large gatherings, agenda is lost somewhere along the way and conversations become long and muddled. It’s time for a reformation. From now on, only the people whose contribution is necessary in the meeting will be invited. We mistook meetings to be internal communication, but that’s not the case. The people who know what their tasks are can easily keep up by reading the bulletins that drop into their inbox.

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Abundance of artists

Posted on March 20, 2012 at 23:10, by pigasus

“By the truckload,” sighs Taneli the producer. He’s talking about artists willing to feature in the festival. Arabia Street Festival is popular amongst potential performers. There are jazz dancers, rappers, mini installations and performances. Tens of good street musicians and bands. By the truckload, indeed.


Some of the artists have found the festival through the artist invitation on our website, others are familiar faces from previous years. The word of mouth at work.


Dance performances were delegated to a volunteer who knows about the dance scene but she had to leave the project before the finishing touches had been added because of her doctoral dissertation. D’oh. Who could we find to finish this?

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Posted on March 25, 2012 at 23:06, by pigasus

If flipping your wig is something you’d like to do more, there’s nothing better than updating a website at night. Pictures sprawl over the screen as grainy pixel porridge, text lurks somewhere in the shadows towards the sides and links don’t work. That’s what happened to me. I curse, I blame myself, I blame the computer, I blame the software. Finally I manage to get a few updates online and can get my rest.

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