Artova has collected here some helpfull guidelines, documents and links to help you to do projects and events easier. If you are looking for a more targeted help please see what kind of services Artova offers.

We update this page more in September. If you have hopes of the content, send us a note.


  • The City of Helsinki website up to date event permits in finnish.
  • Example of a map, street closing Arabia Street Festival (coming)
  • Example of an event application, notification and Arabia Street Festival map (coming)


  • Short summary of the various forms of financing. (coming)
  • Most of the grants in Finland can be found in Aurora database. (Check the grant criteria and what kind of projects the funding organizations have supported previous years.)
  • Growdfunding in Finland, Mesenaatti.


Marketing specifications in Artova events. Here you can find what kind of strategy and forms we have in external marketing in events, eg. schedule, event page, facebook group, press releases, mailing list, amount and style of posters. (coming)


Artova uses a wide variety of free applications. There are numerous applications of this type. Here are the ones Artova uses in 2013.


Here are some of the Artova projects descriptions and guidelines for you to do same kind of an event or project or just for the inspiration.

See also examples of each projects timelines in ArtovaModel visualisation.