Artova wants to give a hand in starting up innovative activities and opening new points of view on, for example, 1) how to make groups function more effectively and how to bring out the joy in working as a group 2) establishing and fine-tuning a model of regional co-operation 3) establishing pioneering associations.

 If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please contact us and ask for an offer here.

Discussions and talks

Artova is a popular public speaker. Among other things, we talk about the sharing of power and responsibility, the new way to organize an association, ArtovaModel, bringing about regional collaborative activities and the circulation and self-direction of volunteers.

Mentoring and consultance

We help you in starting up new activities, create networks and open up new points of view. We also provide mentorship services that aim to renew, refresh and strengthen the functioning of your group.

We have mentored different instances from the service sector, school staff and public administrators as well as companies.

Sessions and workshops

Since 2009, Artova has organized a plethora of popular sessions on topics such as traffic and lighting, safety, local self-government, park design, World Design Helsinki 2012, event organization, and well-functioning committees.

A session is a type of facilitated workshop that strives to create a concrete plan of action, turn the participants into a group to take on the new tasks and choose a leader for the group, all during one meeting.


We train community managers and networks to embrace a new kind of organizational culture and to foster the emergence of local networks.